Why do I need a professional pedicure?


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A pedicure is a popular treatment for your feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats your toenails. Think of it as a manicure for the feet! A good foot treatment is heaven and makes your toes look pretty, especially in your summer sandals.

Let's face it – we humans are obsessed with looking good. And if you are anything like us, there is no denying the importance of an aesthetically pleasing appearance. For years we have been told that getting a pedicure is the way to go, no matter how old you are or how many years you've struggled with incorrect payments on your credit card. But did you know that there are some extra benefits to getting a pedicure?

Our bodies constantly shed dead skin cells. These dead skin cells gather on top of the epidermis, obstructing your skin's ability to breathe. Lack of exfoliation can lead to bunions and foot corns, both of which are quite uncomfortable. A qualified nail technician will exfoliate your feet during a pedicure, which will promote the creation of new cells, making your toes and heels smoother and healthier. So get a pedicure every now and then to keep your skin free of dead skin.

Pedicures also help eliminate dry skin, which nobody wants to have. Dry skin is itchy and harsh, and when it happens on your feet, your skin can crack, leaving you with painful and unsightly sores. Moisturization is essential for healthy skin. Moisturization revitalizes your skin and gives it a spotless appearance. A pedicure can help your skin look better by hydrating it and giving you healthy toes. It protects your skin from cracking and blistering. In a pedicure, your cuticles are also well-cared after.

Did you know that nasty skin and fungal infections can be avoided with pedicures? Infections in the feet can occur in a variety of ways. Because cracks in the skin grow more quickly if you don't moisturize on a regular basis, the dry skin of your feet is more prone to infection. Additionally, during pedicures, the clipping, washing, and trimming of toenails prevent the nails from growing inward and creating an infection.

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